Most people watch ESPN to see highlights of their favorite team’s game or to catch the final score of a game they missed. Dalon Coleman watches the Sports Network for an entirely different reason.
“I watch the Sports Networks to study the style of the anchors,” he said. “I watch everything. Body Position. Voice Tone. Eye Contact. Energy. I watch it all,” he said.
Coleman is a Sophomore at University of Louisiana at Lafayette majoring in Mass Communications. “I’m taking Mass Communications seriously as a whole but my real focus is on Sports Broadcasting,” he says. “I hope to work for ESPN or FSN one day. I know a lot about football and basketball but if they want me to do Badminton… I will do that too,” he said while laughing with confidence that he will land a job at either one of those networks upon graduation.
Coleman came to ULL from McKinley St. High School inspired by the late Stuart Scott. “His fight with cancer showed me you have to have fight in you, on and off camera. He brought a swagger to ESPN. He is also my fraternity brother,” said Dalon. He and Scott are both members of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity.
While he wasn’t the first Black Sports Anchor, Stuart’s Hip-Hop style on ESPN’s Sports Center changed how anchors announced on Sports Television. “He made it look so easy but his delivery and his energy set a new standard,” he expressed. “He should be remembered as an icon in Sports Broadcasting Industry.”
Scott died on January 4, 2015 to Cancer but he is still remembered as one of the best Sports Anchors of this generation.
After High School, Dalon had many choices but he chose to attend ULL without ever visiting the campus. “Diversity led me here. I didnt take any tours or anything. Orientation was my first time coming here. When I got here for orientation I knew I made a good choice.”
He loves the fact that ULL is very diverse but there are many opportunities on campus for him to connect with people who have come from similar upbringings as him. The NAACP is very active on the campus and there are many on campus organizations designed to engage every race. “There are opportunities to work with groups which champion causes you may be interested in working with to help promote awareness.”
While college is usually the place many youngsters take every opportunity to party, Coleman says he is very focused on his goals. “We are getting hands on training on how to work studio boards right now”, he says. “The audio annex is where I spend most of my time.”
He believes being in a diverse environment is essential for young people. “We are living in a melting pot. We are going to have to work around people from all walks of life and ULL is definitely preparing us to enter a multicultural society,” he said. “Coming to college, I didn’t know what I wanted. Being here revealed the need to learn and interact with other races. It has been a very good experience for me.”
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Ro Wright is the Co-Owner of Unboxed Possibilities. He and his wife, Sandria Wright, live in New Orleans and they are the founders of the Black Boot Network.

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