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How Do I?

If you attended an event in your city, it is our utmost priority to include your content on our site. You must email your news and pictures to us: At least one paragraph must be included detailing what the event was about, who sponsored it, what city is was in, and where it was held. Include your name and phone number in your email. It will not be released to the public. We need that information just in case there is a problem with your news. In that case, a member of our staff will call you directly to affirm any conflicts. If the pictures were taken by a professional photographer you must include the photographer's name and phone number. We will have to get clearance from that photographer to release the photos to the public.
Our main calendar on the Events Page is restricted to Events which draw 1,000 people or more. Examples of these kind of events are Major Concerts, Professional Sports Events, Parades, Festivals...etc. If you have an important event that may not be on a large scale but you have a pretty good following, post your event on our Community Board for free. We will make sure we get the word out for you!


If you are a business owner and you'd like to advertise on Black Boot, just click on 'Advertise' in the main menu. If you have questions, email: Please include your business name, phone number, and the city you are calling from. One of our reps will call you back within 2 hours of your request.
We accept blogger requests daily. Send an email to: Mr. Wright approves all writers and content providers for Black Boot. Your blogs must be original and not plagiarized in any kind of way. You will sign an agreement with Black Boot before you approved, confirming that you are responsible for your content and Black Boot is not legally bound for your opinions within your submitted blogs. Blogs must have correct punctuation and written with integrity. We do not publish blogs with deep rooted vulgar language. (F-Bombs, S-Words, and racial slurs will not be accepted.) Blogs can't be longer than 5 paragraphs. We are not interested in publishing books, just thoughts. Hate blogs or blogs written intentionally to offend will be rejected. Once you are approved you will receive an email with login information and instructions on how you are to upload your blogs into our system. You can publish as many blogs as you like. They will be stored under your portal on our site.
We accept photos from all over the state. We have more than 10 photographers on our support team. You must have a Dropbox account. If you'd like to submit photos, email... After Mr. Wright has received your request, he will set up a linked dropbox account for you to submit your photo folders to us. When you send your request, please include your name, phone, and your website info. We always give photo credits to photographers and link from our site to yours to share our traffic with you. All of the folders of photos you submit must include at least one paragraph explaining what the event was about, what city it was in, where it was, and who sponsored it.

Common Questions

If you submitted news and you don't see it on the site it is usually for one of the following reasons: It was rejected due to not enough content or either invalid content. It hasn't been approved yet. The approval process can take up to 48 hours. We get tons of news every hour and sometimes the information is incorrect or not supported by facts. Our staff actually researches and checks every piece of news submitted to us to make sure it is true and supported by the information given. If there is any conflict it will be rejected.
If your business has been removed from our Business Directory it is because of one of the following reasons: We have received notice that what you submitted is incorrect information. A conflict submission invalidates your business submission. You do not exist in Louisiana. The board is for Louisiana businesses only.

Having Trouble

The Community Board is hosted by our partnering company, Hoot Board. In order to post an announcement or an event on the board you have to create a Hoot Board Account. It's free. You will see the link that says Register. Once you register, it will send you a verification link to your email. Once you verify you are a real person, you can then log in to our Community Board and post your news any time and any day. You can post from your mobile phone but it's much easier to post from our website:
If you made a comment on an article or a picture it has to be approved. To prevent spammers and viruses from landing on your device, we approve all comments before they post to assure they are legit and from a real person. Don't worry, if you're a real person... your comment will appear shortly after you make it. Smile!
It is best to upload to our Business Directory on a desktop through our webpage: However, if you can only submit a new business from your phone and it doesn't upload, one of the following reasons could be the problem... Your photo is too large (can't be more than 5mb). You didn't provide Name and Email at the top. You forgot to hit Submit. (People do it all the time. They fill it out and switch the page before hitting the 'Submit' button.) If you still have problems after checking these common mistakes, then simply email us your business information and a photo and we will upload it for you:

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