Nadia Hartley greets every customer with a smile and warm personality. She has a very tiny voice. In fact, her voice is so light a few of her regular customers refer to her as, “Michel’le”, after the R&B Singer who grabbed America’s attention in the late 80’s because of her tiny yet powerful voice.

“I never realized my voice was small until I heard myself on tape years ago. I was like…. I sound like a 3 year old kid,” giggled Nadia Johnson. “I never realized how light my voice was because I sound like other women in my family. We all have tiny voices,” she explained.

Nadia had to move to Alabama to live with her father at age 5 and stayed there about 15 years. “I couldn’t wait to move back to Louisiana. All my family was here,” she said.

Since she’s been back home here in Louisiana she has been diligently working hard at a Waffle House in Slidell (New Orleans Northshore). “I love interacting with people and making them feel at home,” she said.

She is saving her money to enroll in Cosmetology School. “I have always wanted to do hair since I was a kid,” she said. Her mother and aunt do hair. They have inspired her for years.

“My one year old daughter, Hailey, is my inspiration. She is the reason I can’t quit. Even if I get tired, all I do is think about her future and I push myself to keep my head in this game.”


About Author

Ro Wright is the Co-Owner of Unboxed Possibilities. He and his wife, Sandria Wright, live in New Orleans and they are the founders of the Black Boot Network.

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