Aside every great man, stands a phenomenal woman. These components and so much more are exactly what Mrs. LaTosha Johnson has proven herself to be.

On Sunday July 2, Johnson showed the world how to keep the ball rolling and how to keep it classy at the same time. While the rest of the city was wrapping the “lituations” from the Essence Music Festival, Johnson hosted a book release in honor of her husband, Walter “Trifelon” Johnson, who is incarcerated. The book premiere was held at the Bourbon House Restaurant, right in the heart of the New Orleans French Quarters. 

Tons of friends, family members, and stars from BET’s hit reality show “Toya: A Family Affair” gathered in celebration of the pre-release of the long awaited tell-all Lions and Legends. The publication of the Baton Rouge Students’ Book Voices From the Bayou was featured as well. 

In the literary piece, Voices of the Bayou, a light is shined on the untold events that took place when Professor Clarence Nero and his colleagues stepped foot in their classrooms after the tragic and brutal murders of Alton Sterling along with innocent police officers. The book also details the historic floods that were endured during the life changing summer of 2016 in Baton Rouge.

Lions and Legends is about his early lessons of survival to the battles he is still fighting today as a man. Johnson, in the voice of an unwavering man, opens up and tells a moving heart-wrenching story about love, prison, death, losing his two younger brothers in violent murder, falling in love with the woman of his dreams, and living in the shadows of his sister, Toya’s fame. He brings it all to life while presenting the importance of forgiveness.

In search of peace, respect, and redemption in such troubling times, Walter’s Lions and Legends will be the talk of the town for its brutal honesty and thought-provoking insight on the state of Black youth in urban America and for his determination to rise above the untold battles that nearly destroyed him. Voices of the Bayou is now available through Amazon. Lions and Legends will be available August 1, 2017.

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LaTosha Johnson Book Release In New Orleans

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