Nobody can turn up like the Divine 9! On any given Wednesday night at McNeese St. University in Lake Charles, the students get a chance to hang out in a safe environment on campus. Campus Security even supervise the events. It’s very organized and well attended! They turn one of their Student Union Rooms to a party hall so the Greeks can stroll and the students can have a good time on Hump Night (Wednesday).

‘Strollin’ gives the Greek Organizations a chance to represent their chapter and make an appeal on their peers. Many times aspiring members make a decision on who they identify with according to the enthusiasm displayed when Greek groups stroll during campus events. When a group’s brothers/sisters get in that line, yell their call and chants, and bust those moves together… they immediately change the atmosphere in the room.

“I like that the school gives us these two or three hours to take a break. Sometimes we study so hard and never just get a chance to see our friends and have a good time,” said one of the students who had no idea we were reporting. “When I came here I thought it would be boring but I have met new friends and everyone seems to get along very well. I was very shy in High School but for some reason I feel very relaxed here. It’s like my family away from home,” she continued.

Often times, Hip-Hop dancing is misunderstood (like many other dance styles), but it is something McNeese students are pretty good at! The DJ cranked the beats and the students knew exactly what to do as he switched each style of Hip Hop during his mix.

No fights, no arguments, no mean-mugging, no violence… none of that. Just a good ole’ Louisiana College Party with incredible energy. Among the Black Fraternities and Sororities strolling were the Alphas, AKAs, Sigma Gamma Rhos, Sigmas, and Zetas. All of the Divine 9 were in great spirit and they all supported each other in love.

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Greek Stroll @ McNeese – Lake Charles

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