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Many moviegoers have departed theaters scratching their heads at the recent release of the movie “Get Out”. The psycho-thriller, directed by Jordan Peete, has broken records at the box office, bringing in over $100 million in sales. The film looks at race and social relations from a psychological perspective and poses the question “Is Black the new white?” The movie depicts African-American men being kidnapped by whites in a remote town for the sole purpose of taking over their bodies. Throughout the movie there are numerous clues that elude to the real story that is revealed at the end. Many…

There is a deep history of the Indian Culture in New Orleans known as the Mardi Gras Indians. Backed by various Social Aid Clubs and Second Line/Brass Bands, this rich history now has a story. Watch this new movie produced by Big Chief Brian Nelson about a young man’s journey to recover his birthright within a Mardi Gras Indian Tribe. View the trailer for, “Keeper Of The Flame” below.

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