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Gloria Butera has only been in the United States for six years. She lived in Tennessee before moving to Lake Charles, LA where she enrolled at McNeese St. University. She is a Senior studying Accounting. “I love America. I have learned a lot but there is still so much more I want to learn,” she says. She heard about McNeese from her friend, Daphne Batamurizza. Daphne, also from Rwanda, came to lake Charles ahead of her. “I saw the impact Louisiana made on her and I wanted to share the experience,” said Butera. She says she loves the Louisiana Food…

Nobody can turn up like the Divine 9! On any given Wednesday night at McNeese St. University in Lake Charles, the students get a chance to hang out in a safe environment on campus. Campus Security even supervise the events. It’s very organized and well attended! They turn one of their Student Union Rooms to a party hall so the Greeks can stroll and the students can have a good time on Hump Night (Wednesday). ‘Strollin’ gives the Greek Organizations a chance to represent their chapter and make an appeal on their peers. Many times aspiring members make a decision on who they…

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