This Fall, Carla Serenity, will reveal her upcoming mentoring event, Carla Serenity: The Most Colorful Mentorship Conference For Teens! Inspired by her seventeen year old daughter, Carla explains that she feels there is a void that needs to be filled in the guidance of young teens. “I look at my daughter and her choice of friends, and she has great friends,” she says.
“We need to do more to guide our teens and let them know that they are loved. We have to explain their worth to them,” she said. Carla reaches to a personal place when she explains about her daughters’ experience with colorism and how she thought her dark skinned complexion wasn’t beautiful enough.
In her workshops, she remind parents it’s important to reach out to their children and make them feel valued and loved. Carla did so for her own daughter by printing out affirmations such as “I am beautiful”, “I am loved”, “I am strong”, and  “I am enough.” She printed and posted these around her home as an everyday reminder of how precious her daughter is.
Carla’s goal for the youth in her own words is to “have a conference with light.” The author of A Southern Girls’ Guide To Success has a vision to create a haven for teenagers and give them a safe space to express and articulate themselves in such light that their voices are not only heard, but their needs are also met.
With the experience she gained running her model management company, she chooses to use her platform to be a role model for young girls and uses transparency to inform them of their true values beyond whatever mistakes they may have made. Set to sponsor this event is Louisiana State Representative, Gerald Boudreaux (District 24) and “Blessings Handz On” founders Johanna Babineaux and Terrance Zeno. Also said to be in attendance is author,  Tosha Mills Smith author of Mama I Should Have Listened: A Voice of Pain and Power. (Contributions by BJ Smith). The event is set to take place September 30th, 2017 at the Black Cafe in Lafayette, LA.
For more information about how to inspire or to register for the event or to register for tickets please visit her Facebook Page.

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